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Only a few countries in the world offer a more alluring mix of world class education, cutting edge technology and a vibrant cosmopolitan culture and Singapore is one of them. Underneath the massive skyscrapers that dot the city, you will bear witness to an interesting amalgamation of varied Asian cultures. When combined with its status as the leading business, finance and educational hub of Asia, one feels compelled to acknowledge that there’s truly no other country that can offer young students and ambitious professionals with the kind of exposure that Singapore does.


Singapore is a melting pot of diverse cultures Indian, Malay, European and Chinese. It celebrates ethnic diversity. Moreover, because English is widely spoken you will never feel out of place. In fact the multi-linguistic culture will actually encourage you to pick up and study an Asian language.For those who live and breathe sports, will love the climate of Singapore, which stays warm and sunny all year round. Activities like windsurfing, wakeboarding, dragon-boat racing and biking excursions happen throughout the year to give you a complete tropical island experience.

For those who love nightlife, there are numerous live music bars, mega clubs, and beach bars. Cultural aficionados too can take their pick from local and international music and art offerings, galleries, theatres and museums that dot the city. So no matter what your leisure preferences are, you will find something interesting to indulge in this tropical paradise. The variety of eatable delights available in this country is so vast that this alone can make you fall in love with Singapore. Singapore’s food scene will tickle your taste buds with an array of Asian and international flavors. There are eateries that dot every inch of the island and operate at all hours of the day and night. Eating if not a national obsession is certainly a national pastime in Singapore.
Singapore is also known as the city of gardens. The entire city is covered with lush belts of greenery ensuring that city’s lungs stay clean and unclogged. Singapore boasts of numerous homesteads, public and private apartments and hostels that are unrivalled in comfort and modernity


Though not quite the same as studying in USA or UK, Singapore comes with its own unique set of benefits for international students who decide on taking up a graduate study program in the country


Singapore sees itself as a global schoolhouse offering a distinctive and diverse mix of educational services in a comfortable and cosmopolitan environment. As one of Asia’s leading educational hubs, the country offers a global perspective and a broad base curriculum to equip their students with relevant training and qualifications to provide them with a springboard to a brighter future. Country’s unparalleled reputation for quality education has encouraged several of the world’s top institutions to set up campuses in Singapore. More than sixteen leading foreign universities have opened centers of excellence in research and education in Singapore. The educational landscape has been further enriched by the quality private institutions adding diversity to the nation’s educational landscape.

In order to ensure that Singapore’s private Schools and colleges safeguard the interests of students by providing them with high standard of education, the country has put in place an Education Excellency Framework; essentially the Care Trust of Education. Only those private educational organizations that have obtained the Care Trust of Education Status can invite international students to come and study in their institutions.The three main universities in Singapore are Singapore Management University (SMU), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). Apart from these the country boasts of numerous local universities.


Both education and cost of living in Singapore is comparatively lower than other developed countries of the world. Study loans and scholarships in Singapore can be attained by students on the basis of a standard academic grade and performance. As a global business hub alongside its developed infrastructure and political stability, Singapore holds more than 7000 MNC’™s alongside other enterprises who have chosen Singapore as their regional hub. The increasing need of manpower to meet the demands of rapidly growing economy provides further employment opportunities to its students.Singapore is well connected via both sea and air. Singapore’s geographical location allows easy access to other regions of Asia. It’s fairly close to India and China making room for students to visit their native country during breaks. To study in Singapore, students have to just apply for Students Pass (STP) without any further need to visit the Singapore Embassy for the purpose of interview (Subject to ICA regulations). This simplified procedure also holds a higher approval rate as compared to other countries like Europe and America.By choosing to study abroad in Singapore, students will get an opportunity not only to boost their career, but also be able to be a part of a global community with excellent job opportunities.Educational scenario of Singapore is as vibrant as the culture of the country. One can enroll herself/himself in various courses belonging to different streams as per one’s inclinations, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Given below is a brief account of the popular study areas in Singapore.