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Canada is a popular destination for thousands of international students because of its world-class cities, vast wilderness and a culture of tolerance and diversity. It is ranked as the “best place to live” and the “best place to study” several times and is renowned for working, visiting and investing. It offers excellent campus life and on-campus as well as off-campus job opportunities.

According to QS World Ranking, four of the top 100 universities in the world are from Canada. The average tuition cost in Canada is less than that in other countries like the US. Canada has a hassle-free visa application process for students.

One of the reasons for its popularity is affordable education. Though the standard of living is high in Canada, the cost of living and tuition fees are usually lower as compared to other study abroad destinations. Apart from that, the highly dynamic and practical based academic environment helps students acquire analytical and communicative skills along with the ability to express themselves, demonstrate their creativity and develop their confidence.

Canada is an international leader in computer and information technologies and has a reputation for excellence in such sectors as telecommunications, animation, transportation and engineering; and specifically, aerospace, urban transport, microelectronics, medical devices, advanced software, hydroelectric and nuclear power, lasers and opt-electronics, biotechnology etc. Canada was among the first in the world to recognize the need to connect schools and libraries to the Internet, and its School Net program is being copied around the world.

It is mainly the continuously mounting inquisitiveness and keenness of the students to study in Canada, study in a practice oriented research based education system instead of studying in a traditionally designed theoretical and project-based education system that has led to the development and growth of overseas education as never before, in contemporary times. Another reason that can be attributed to the increasing popularity of overseas education is the fact that the employers across industries prefer hiring candidates possessing international qualification from top universities or colleges across the globe.

Among all prime international education destinations, it is Canada that holds the topmost position. Canada is recognized asthe safest international education destination in the world offering high-quality of life and education. Now, acknowledging the popularity of study in Canada as a preferred international study destination, let us find out in below paragraphs as what makes Canada, the No. 1 international education destination.

The cost of tuition fees as well as the overall cost of living expenses accrued while pursuing a course at a university in Canada is cheaper when compared to some of the other hot destinations for abroad education such as UK and USA

Canada has witnessed tremendous growth in the number of international education aspirants, over the years and this growth is increasing with each passing years. The UN survey has rated Canada for the consecutive ninth year as among the top most preferred countries in the world to live. Canada boosts of its peaceful, friendly, secured and compassionate community. The country has its complete faith in equivalence, diversity, admiration and tolerance for all individuals as it is given in Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Multiculturalism Act.


Studying in Canada is a lifetime opportunity as the country’s educational institutes maintain high standards of academic excellence and are continuously acknowledged among the top international rankings. The parameters that make Canada the most preferred education destination may include:


The educational institute in Canada offers a wide variety of programs to international students to choose from. Students from across the globe come to Canada for higher education prospects and Canadian universities offer more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as professional degree programs and certificate courses. Students can also choose to pursue various programs like degrees, diplomas, certificate programs, short courses, and so on across industries including; telecommunications, agriculture, computer technology, medicine,business studies, and environmental science agriculture, fisheries, paramedical technology and so on.


Comparing the fee structure of the institutes across industries in prime international education destinations indicates that Canada is the most affordable of all including; US, UK, New Zealand, Australia and so on.


Acknowledging the passion among the Indian students to excel, the Canadian universities and colleges enthusiastically welcome and admit Indian students to their academic programs. Also, Canadian Government admits that international students bring fresh innovative ideas to Canada, thus, contributing a great deal to wide range of disciplines and the industry with the knowledge and understanding that they carry with themselves while moving to Canada. Canadian Government also offers various scholarship and financial assistance schemes to the most deserving international students.


On successful completion of the studies in Canada the students will get the chance to enhance their career prospects as they will become the preferred choice of the employers across industries. Moreover, possessing an international exposure will prepare them for a rewarding career ahead. Also, it will enhance their chances to settle down in the country permanently, after gaining an experience of one year.



Admission process is farly simple.A Student need to submit application form,relevant fees and past academic documents along with english certificate


TYou need to purchase a guaranteed investment certificate to fund your living and study expenses for the duration of your stay in canada

Work Permit

If you to work in Canada,you must take work permit.It is a written authorization issued to a person who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada

Pathway To P.R

If you are living in Canada on a temporary visa and wish to stay in the country permanently we can help you know different visas and programs that can provide you with permanent resident status


Australia boasts of some of the top ranked universities in the world. Following is a list of the top universities in Australia

Canada is consistently ranked as one of the top countries in the world in terms of quality of life. Apart from high per capita income; Canada has impressive rankings in many parameters of social developments such as access to primary and higher education, healthcare, infrastructure and physical environment. In cultural terms too, it is a very vibrant country with wide scope for immigrants to assimilate in the society. Canada is known for wide availability of cultural activities such as live theatre, dance and music performance, art galleries, museums, etc. Indian population (referred to as East Indian in Canada) numbers at about 1.3 million in the country; and big cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Mississauga have considerable percentage of India population. It is likely to meet software engineers and tax consultants of Indian origin in Canadian companies.

Canada is one of the greenest countries, not just in terms of the forest cover but also in terms of the awareness and attitude of the people towards the environmental cause. The average Canadian values protection of the natural environment fairly well. There are over 40 national parks and several UNESCO World Heritage sites spread over different provinces. The country offers a soothing environment full of forest covers, natural lakes, mountains and green pastures. Canada is known for its peaceful social environment and safety of the citizens. University authorities take utmost care to ensure safety of international students on campus, and International Student Offices offer valuable advice regarding personal and property safety issues and social code of conduct.

Another major attraction for Indian students to study in Canada is the fact that Canada today is taking great leaps forward in the realm of technology, a field where the expertise of Indians is well recognized. Scientists, engineers and innovators in both academia and industry perform cutting edge technology to make Canada a knowledge based society. Indians have contributed to evolution both in terms of research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Professionals with Canadian qualifications get distinctive advantage while seeking skill based immigration. Thus, moving to Canada for higher education is a wise decision for your career and life!


Just as the country is diverse in terms of culture, race and religion, the education system also thrives on diversity of opportunities for studying. While maintaining high quality both in knowledge creation and dissemination, Canadian education system offers study opportunities ranging from short term courses of a few months to doctoral level education. Though individual states have jurisdictions over education in their own territories, the country as a whole has national commitment towards quality of education, and institutions get generous federal funding. Canada today is home to several world class universities with the University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, McGill and McMaster ranked in the top 150 universities in the world. Largely, the educational institutions offering post senior secondary courses can be divided into four categories:

  • Technical and Career Colleges
  • Community Colleges
  • University Colleges
  • Research Universities

Students can pick from any of these types of institutions to pursue the programs of their choices, which range from post senior secondary certificates to diploma and from Bachelor’s degree to doctorate. Students also have the choice to opt from urban and semi urban campuses depending on personal preference. The universities and local students generally are very welcoming towards international students as it is the international student community that contributes to the vibrancy of the society and evolution of an innovative system in the country. International students integrate into the local culture through participation in different clubs and societies and at times through part time work.