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Profiling & Counselling

Having a team of professional counselors works closely with you to recommend extensive and personalized Student/Parent counseling for you in keeping with your personal circumstances, your potential, and your career aspirations.

Standardised Test

Standardized tests are devised especially to evaluate students and compare their aptitude in a consistent manner.

Country/University/Course Selection

Assessment of Academic credentials and give proper advice for particular Country, Course & University.


Complete thoroughly explained document checklist & samples uploaded into your account.


Our consultants will edit your SOP’s and provide you insights on just the right ingredients that make your SOP’s unique, convincing, and personal.

Education Loan (Study Abroad Loans)

We have contacts with Nationalized banks offering Educational Loans for overseas studies at reasonable rates.


Study Globe helps you to get scholarships from vast opportunities available at International Universities.

Foreign Exchange

We assist our clients in the issuance of Foreign Currency and Travelers Cheques on immigration to their country of choice.

Application Submission

A team of experienced application professionals to ensure that all details are accurate and to confirm that you are satisfied with the final application that has to be submitted.